Module 3A Intro to Photography: "Angles & Ingredients"

Welcome to your third class, teachers!


In this lesson, as in all 'A' classes that follow, you will see a pre-class message along with the materials needed for your class and prep notes. Class 'A's will run as follows:

  1. Hook Worksheet #1: To get students focused and into the creative mindset
  2. Show & Tell of Hook activity (solicit volunteers)
  3. Opening: Prepare students for class activities
  4. Video 1: A lesson in the new medium
  5. Debrief students on video lessons.
  6. Video 2: Sally's Hook Worksheet interpretation
  7. Distribution of 'inspiration' for students' interpretation
  8. Worksheet #2: to help students get curious about the inspiration they're interpreting
  9. Closing


Student Organizer (below)

Starting words written on individual sheets of paper (see prep)

A Camera: Arrange to have a camera/cell phone/tablet/laptop with camera for each student.

Printouts of worksheets: 3.1 Hook and 3.2 "Word into Photograph"

Student Folders

Projector, speakers, internet access and screen for videos

Videos: Below




  • Fill out your Student Organizer: You will be needing your Student Organizer starting today. Please designate to each chain an emotion from the list below (ex. Chain #1 Love, Chain #2 Fear; and so on). Each chain will follow a linear vertical trajectory where each consecutive student interprets the work of the student immediately above them in the student organizer. Please select as many emotions as you have students. (See "Staying Organized" video below for more information.)


Love, Joy, Anger, Sadness, Surprise, Rage, Fear, Longing, Disgust, Nervousness, Pride, Happiness, Courage, Desire, Curiosity, Shame, Panic, Acceptance, Jealousy, Hope

Once you have picked emotions for your chains, write the name of one of your students in each box below an emotion in the horizontal line titled "Module 3 Photograph."

Now, write each emotion on a piece of paper with the corresponding student's name on the back. You will hand these out during class.

  • Print worksheets (make sure you note any that need to be in color) and put them in folders
  • Prep "Student" Folders: place all Module 3 worksheets in student folders
  • Prep "Chain" Folders: Create a folder for each emotion. You will collect all your students' Module 3 worksheets at the end of Module 3B and file them by emotion.
  • Prep Lesson: Review Lesson Plan (below) and Watch the in-class videos: Take notes on how you'd like to time and teach each section.
  • Test Internet: Make sure your classroom has working internet, projector and speakers, since the videos have audio.
  • Prep contact information: Check to make sure you have all the student's email addresses. You can have them each take a selfie and send it to you to confirm you have everyone's emails and the photo associated with them.
  • Prep Room: We recommend configuring desks/tables in the round to enable best listening/sharing practices.

In Class Portion Below Line

Welcome to Your Third Class, Students!

Today's first activity is inspired from the word "TRUST." What does trust mean to you? Who would it be if it were a person in your life? A color? A scent? A sensation? There are no right or wrong answers. If you asked yourself these same questions tomorrow you'd probably get different responses. Just go with your gut today. If you feel stuck, try asking yourself about specific things and see if any of them feel right. For example: "If TRUST were a person would it be my best friend? My teacher? My dog? (yes we can include pets and cartoon characters) My sister Emily?...YES!" Then move onto the next question: "If TRUST were a color would it be pink? Red? Purple?...YES." Go deeper by asking "what shade of purple would it be? Lilac purple? Dark purple? Iris purple?" The more descriptive you get the more you will help your class mates see beyond the horizons of their own versions of TRUST.

Video 1

From here on out, we'll be focusing on a different medium in every other class. Today, we'll start on Photography. Listen closely to how different camera angles can change the way someone sees a photograph. We'll give you a little test about camera angles after this video so pay attention.

Video 2


Let's take a look at Sally's version of Trust.


  • Make sure you have enough cameras/cell phones or other image-capturing devices for each student.
  • Check that they are charged.
  • Consider how you want students to turn in their photographs to you: Will they email them? Airdrop them? Put them on a thumb drive? Will they be handing in their cameras? If so, how will you remember whose image is whose? We recommend e-mailing content from student to teacher and teacher to student but this is up to you.

Need Help? Reach out to your fellow Consenses Teachers here. Post your essences responses to the hook, questions, comments and stories below for our community. Together we can!

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