Consenses Masterclass

A creative adventure, a new way of seeing & a certification to teach Consneses' Curricula to the community of your choice

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Consenses Fall 2021 Masterclass

A creative adventure, a new way of seeing plus the certification needed to teach the Consneses At Home curriculum.

October 1, 2 & 3 (Friday 5-8, Sat & Sun 9-3)

10 Spots Available

Give yourself the gift of your own creativity, get the relief that comes from connection and creative expression and learn how to teach Consenses from the comfort of your own home. Experience a game of 'Telephone' played with art instead of words!

Over the course of 3 fabulous days, you will go on an artistic journey with Sally Taylor, the founder and creator of Consenses. No artistic background is required.

This Masterclass is about sharing art as a conversation rather than as a statement and it offers a creative language through which to explore differences, bridge divides, and investigate your innermost truth.

You'll come away with a certification to teach Consenses' SEL curriculum to the community of your choosing, the relief that comes from connection and creative expression, and a way to integrate creativity into your personal and professional life. If you are a teacher, regardless of subject, you will find out how to use Consenses in your classroom to engage an even wider population of students and colleagues. Give yourself and your community the gift of your own creativity.

It’s all online – but it’s hands-on, engaging, and practical, too.

"Consenses: Life-changing! A masterclass in vulnerability, courage, and empathy. It reminds us to approach the world with an open perspective – to really stop and listen, observe, and search for bigger truths outside of our own limited views – while also demanding that we listen to, trust, and follow our own creative voices. I can truly recommend this course to everyone who is open to connecting to themselves and to others in a more meaningful and powerful way - while also exploring and learning about different art forms. "

- Stephanie Wiedemann, teacher, Germany

"I loved being inspired by someone else's art, and in turn inspiring someone else with mine. This process connected me to other people. I felt heard and seen. What we created together was truly beautiful."

- Alex D. K-6 teacher, USA

"I enjoyed learning how to create in mediums that I have never tried before. I also really appreciated how radically different other people's perspectives are from my own."

- Michael C, 5th & 6th grade teacher, USA

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Tell me more about the Consenses at Home curriculum.....

Consenses at Home Curriculum

Prerequisites: Consenses Professional Development

Communication, Innovation, Problem Solving, Creativity, Analytic Thinking, Collaboration, Knowledge, Ethics, Action, Accountability. Studies have identified these skills as essential for the success of 21st-century students. In a world that is fragmented and divided, it is often difficult for people to consider, relate to or appreciate the perspectives of others. Consenses' Curriculum is a multidisciplinary, multimedia, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) platform that offers students an artistic game of ‘Telephone’ as a vehicle for unity, creativity, understanding, and tolerance. Using SEVEN different art forms (photography, painting, poetry, dance, music, sculpture and set design) the Consenses curriculum promotes self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making.

Sally Taylor created the Consenses Curriculum, in collaboration with Harvard School of Education Graduate students, so that students could learn to use art as a language and a lens through which to see themselves, each other and their world more clearly, compassionately, and expansively. Through the curriculum they learn tolerance and empathy through “listening” to others, not through their words, but through various art forms. CONSENSES positions students to succeed in the world by building the skills needed to be collaborative, critical thinkers with curious minds and contributing members of society.

Consenses is highly effective at spreading the message that everyone’s perspective is equal and valid, helping people to appreciate in new ways, both the limitations and the unique value of their own unique perspectives.

"I can't wait to teach it again!"

- Monique Robichaud, Holderness School, Visual & Performing Art Chair

"I think Consenses has been one of the most enlightening, eye-opening projects I have learned about in a very long time and it has truly changed the way I will perceive and understand art for the rest of my life. I can’t say enough about the project and I’m going to keep sharing it with others who would appreciate its purpose and reason for being created. I can say this is a project I will never forget. Thank you so much!”

- Lissette Velez-Cross, Emerson Student

"I learned that everyone interprets art differently. Not just art, but also life. People have their own point of views, even if you might be seeing the same thing.`"

- Student, Holderness School, NH

Frequently Asked Questions

What credentials do I need to take the workshop?
Could you modify the curriculum and use different mediums?
The course includes lesson plans for photography, music, sculpture, dance, poetry, painting and set design but can be modified to accommodate different mediums at your discretion.
What age range is the curriculum best suited for?
We created the curriculum with students aged 11-18 in mind but it’s up to your discretion who can handle the material. It’s been taught with students as young as 8 and as old as 80.
Do you have to be an artist to teach the curriculum?
No, because Sally’s in-class video tutorials supply all the art teaching skills your students will need. But it is suggested that you are openminded and creative.
How long does the curriculum take to teach?
The Consenses Course can be taught as a semester-long course (twice a week) or a year-long course (once a week)
Does the curriculum have to be taught from home?
Nope. Consenses at Home is highly versatile and can be taught as a remote or blended class, weekend workshop, camp elective, corporate retreats, homeschooling, an extracurricular activity or however you see fit.
Can I make modifications to the curriculum?
Sure. Just share it with us so we can see what sort of cool stuff you’re doing. We're also happy to help make suggestions to accommodate your particular needs. You can set up a zoom conference with us after completing the PD and we can suggest modifications to suit you.
After I take this course what are my next steps to teaching Consenses at Home?
All you need to do is purchase Consenses at Home, find a group of students, set up an online meeting platform, create a schedule to get together 10 times (or more), review the course material, at your meeting times, open your Consenses at Home curriculum to the lesson you’re on, share your screen with your students and walk them through the videos and exercises.