New lenses. New language. New understanding.

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What to expect

Over the course of two hours, you'll learn everything you need to know to be able to confidently bring the Consenses at Home curriculum into the community of your choice all from the comfort of your own home.*

Consenses at Home offers art as a conversation rather than as a statement and encourages a creative language through which students learn to explore their differences and bridge divides.  The curriculum offers students SEL skills and artistic tools to experiment and explore their creativity through 7 independent mediums. Students learn tolerance and empathy through “listening” to others, not through their words, but through various art forms. 

You’ll come away from this training with certification to teach Consenses at Home, the relief that comes from creative expression, and a way to integrate creativity into your teachings to engage an even wider population of students and colleagues. 

No artistic background is required.

*The Consenses at Home curriculum was designed to be taught remotely but can also be taught in a classroom or blended setting.

Using Consenses at Home Teachers

  • Enhance students' Social Emotional Learning skills (SEL).
  • Expose students to seven artistic disciplines.
  • Empower students to engage their creativity and deepen their connection with classmates.
  • Build confidence in self-expression.
  • Bridge divides by growing tolerance and appreciation for each other's differences.
  • Enhance students' grasp and engagement of subject matter.

*Teachers charge students directly for their Consenses at Home courses. Consenses takes no percentage.

Get Trained

In two hours let Sally Taylor, Conenses' founder, lead you through video lessons and exercises that will certify you to teach the Consenses at Home curriculum to the community of your choice from the comfort of your home. No artistic background is required.

Meet with Sally

Each training comes with a 1/2 hour, one on one, video meeting with Sally to answer any questions you might still have and offer suggestions about how to modify the Consenses at Home curriculum to accommodate your chosen audience.

Teach Consenses

Purchase the Consenses at Home curriculum for a month or a year and teach Consenses as many times as you like, to as many groups as you like at your own pace from your own home or wherever you'd like!

Training Syllabus:


·      Lesson 1: We'll introduce you to an ancient fable; “The Elephant and the Blind Men” which is the cornerstone of Consenses' curricula. The fable acts as a metaphor to teach students empathy, introspection, humility, and appreciation for those whose perspectives differ from their own.

·      Lesson 2: We'll explain how Consenses works, discuss its origins in the professional art world and talk about Consenses' evolution into education.

·      Lesson 3 We'll introduce you to "Essences." This game will serve as a tool to excavate students' perspectives and scaffold their interpretive skills.

·      Lesson 4 We’ll introduce you to the process of interpreting a piece of art and translating its essence into another medium. You’ll get the opportunity to practice this skill.

·      Lesson 5 We'll discuss the 'Elephant' in the room and show you how to pick an appropriate subject for your Consenses class.

·      Lesson 6 We’ll give you an introduction and overview of the Consenses at Home curriculum and offer you a checklist to help you, as a teacher, gather everything you need before starting your own Consneses class.

·     Lesson 7 We'll take you on a deep dive into the heart of the curriculum. You’ll be getting an intimate understanding of what teaching the Consenses at Home curriculum looks like by exploring lessons in depth.

·      Lesson 8 We'll teach you to how to stay organized while teaching Consenses at Home. There are three tools we provide to make collecting students' work, organizing them and finally showcasing them for your final exhibition simple.

·      Lesson 9 We'll close out our formal training.

·      Lesson 10 You'll schedule a face-to-face 1/2 hour with Sally Taylor to ask any questions you have and we'll tour you around our Teacher Community Portal where you can find support from other certified Consenses teachers.

Once you're done with your training you'll be a certified Consenses Teacher and eligible to purchase the 'Consenses at Home' curriculum on a monthly or annual basis. The next step is to find a group of students and invite them to join you online for ten exciting, creative lessons.

“Consenses opened my eyes to so many new possibilities. I can’t stop talking about it!”

-Justine Curran, Art teacher at The Chestnut Hill School, MA