Lesson 2 "'Essences'"

Welcome to Consenses' Second Class!

Today you will have 1 assignment and 2 videos to watch.

Video 1

In this video, you will learn more about Sally Taylor, a musician and the creator of Consenses. You will hear about a game called 'Essences' that you'll get to use to help you explore your own creative insights.


(This assignment has two steps and you can do the exercise on your mother or a mother figure)

1.   Look at the sheet bellow and fill in your answers in the comment area at the bottom of this page where other's have filled in their answers.

Worksheet Module M1.2 Essences Meet My Mother.pdf

Video 2

In this video Sally reveals her metaphors about her mother and explains Consenses.

2. Go back to the comment section and "meet" other people's mothers. Try to imagine each mother based on the description and how each person feels about their mother or mother figure.

ex. Do you think they see their mother as strict? kind? busy? mean? playful?... based on their description. Do you think their mother would get along with yours?