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A 20 Minute Vacation

Welcome to Consenses FREE Mini Course

"Essences: A 20 Minute Vacation"

This course will indeed take you on a fantastic vacation and only take 20 minutes (plus what ever time you carve off to get creative)

Take aways for your vacation suitcase:

  • One take away tool you'll be able to use to explore the world.
  • Two creative exercises
  • A glimpse into the larger Consenses Curriculum

Watch the videos and follow the directions and don't forget to apply sunscreen.


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Sally Taylor
Sally Taylor

Sally Taylor is an artists and musician.In 1998, reluctant to sign to a major record label, she formed her own, BE Music, and ambitiously produced and recorded three albums (Tomboy Bride, Apt #6S & Shotgun).She and a 5-piece band toured 180 days of the year between 1998-2003. When she retired from the road at age 30 she moved to Boston and began teaching music.She is currently taking time off from The Berklee School of Music to work exclusively on CONSENSES. In this effort she is dedicated to enlarging the scope of artistic collaboration, the recognition of art as a journey, and the exploration of human perception.