Sally Taylor's Weekend Teacher Training

Take Consesnes' Teacher Training straight from Consenses' founder, Sally Taylor in this live streamed, weekend course.

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Get Trained to Teach Consenses With Sally Taylor

Live Streamed Weekend Teacher Training October 25, 26, 27

Only 20 Spots Available

Come to your senses! October is the perfect time to take Consenses' Teacher Training with Sally Taylor in the comfort of your own home (with a pal if you so wish). That's right, Sally will be streaming live, out of the computer of your choice, to bring you Consenses Professional Development to prepare you and with your fellow classmates, to teach Consenses in your community.

FRIDAY: On Friday evening we'll get to know each other and work through the teacher training

SAT & SUN: Saturday we'll start going through The Curriculum and you'll actually take the course you'll get to give. You'll get to explore creating in the mediums photography, music, movement or dance, sculpture, writing/poetry, painting and set design. Throughout the weekend you'll be interpreting the other student's art and practicing translating their essence into your own creation. You won't even believe how fun this can be!

After the weekend you'll not only be a certified Consenses teacher but you'll also get the curriculum for a whole year to teach where ever and to whom ever you choose. The curriculum includes:

  1. The Curriculum Book with lesson plans, teaching scripts and worksheets AND
  2. Access to all the Sally taught, on-line videos for in-class viewing with your students (young or old).

But wait, that's not all!...

If you sign up now, we'll let you invite one pal to join you for free on our weekend adventure. You can make it a date or just a really fun (inside) outing with someone you think would benefit from Consenses' mind expanding learnings (and, who might also want to be certified to teach the curriculum perhaps even in tandem with you!?!)

The materials for this course alone are normally $1300 but we're giving you the weekend with Sally and her guidance through all the materials (WITH A PAL!) for only an additional $200.

There are only 20 spots for this weekend so sign up NOW!!!

"The Consenses curriculum is itself as beautifully constructed as a work of art..."

-Jessica Hoffmann Davis (Founding director of the Arts in Education Program at Harvard's Graduate School of Education, and author of numerous books on arts learning including Why Our Schools need the Arts. 2008)

Get started now!

Tell Me More.....

Consenses Curriculum

Prerequisites: Consenses Professional Development

Communication, Innovation, Problem Solving, Creativity, Analytic Thinking, Collaboration, Knowledge, Ethics, Action, Accountability. Studies have identified these skills as essential for the success of 21st-century students. In a world that is fragmented and divided, it is often difficult for people to consider, relate to or appreciate the perspectives of others. Consenses' Curriculum is a multidisciplinary, multimedia, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) platform that offers students an artistic game of ‘Telephone’ as a vehicle for unity, creativity, understanding, and tolerance. Using SEVEN different art forms (photography, painting, poetry, dance, music, sculpture and set design) the Consenses curriculum promotes self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making.

Sally Taylor created the Consenses Curriculum, in collaboration with Harvard School of Education Graduate students, so that students could learn to use art as a language and a lens through which to see themselves, each other and their world more clearly, compassionately, and expansively. Through the curriculum they learn tolerance and empathy through “listening” to others, not through their words, but through various art forms. CONSENSES positions students to succeed in the world by building the skills needed to be collaborative, critical thinkers with curious minds and contributing members of society.

Consenses is highly effective at spreading the message that everyone’s perspective is equal and valid, helping people to appreciate in new ways, both the limitations and the unique value of their own unique perspectives.

"I can't wait to teach it again!"

- Monique Robichaud, Holderness School, Visual & Performing Art Chair

"I think Consenses has been one of the most enlightening, eye-opening projects I have learned about in a very long time and it has truly changed the way I will perceive and understand art for the rest of my life. I can’t say enough about the project and I’m going to keep sharing it with others who would appreciate its purpose and reason for being created. I can say this is a project I will never forget. Thank you so much!”

- Lissette Velez-Cross, Emerson Student

"I learned that everyone interprets art differently. Not just art, but also life. People have their own point of views, even if you might be seeing the same thing.`"

- Student, Holderness School, NH



What's in it?

  • Each lesson starts with a section for you as a teacher giving your an over the day's class format, materials you'll need, suggestions for preparing for the class, access to the Teacher Tool portal for uploading and managing student artwork and downloadable lesson plans, scripts and worksheets for the day.

  • This is followed by a section for your students to view in class that has video lessons taught by Sally Taylor herself, about the artistic medium they'll be exploring that day and what aspects of each medium to focus on to get the most honest translations as possible as they interpret one another's artwork from one medium to the next.

"I had to write a quick note to say how wonderful it is to have a program like this brought to the school. I found Consenses to be very inspirational and important – not just for art and music students but also for all students – and adults. Working together, listening to other people’s perspectives, hearing what other people bring to the table, using all of our senses in interpreting the world around us, and doing so without worrying if we’re “right” or “wrong” – she is making a program that speaks to each person and helps people grow both individually and together. Personally – I left inspired for the rest of my day!"

- Kristen Belloti, Parent,Coventry Public High School, RI

Frequently Asked Questions

What credentials do I need to take the course?
How long do I have access to the curriculum?
The Consenses Curriculum is offered on a subscription basis (annual or monthly). From the time the course ends, you will have the duration of the year to freely teach and administer the Consenses Curriculum to the audience(s) of your choice.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Could you modify the curriculum and use different mediums?
The course includes lesson plans for photography, music, sculpture, dance, poetry, painting and set design but can be modified to accommodate different mediums at your discretion.
What age range is the curriculum best suited for?
We created the curriculum with students aged 11-18 in mind but it’s up to your discretion who can handle the material. It’s been taught with students as young as 8 and as old as 80.
What is in the curriculum book?
Scripts, worksheets and lesson plans for each class.
Do you have to be an artist to teach the curriculum?
No, because Sally’s in-class video tutorials supply all the art teaching skills your students will need. But it is suggested that you are openminded and creative.
How long does the curriculum take to teach?
The Consenses Course can be taught as a semester-long course (twice a week) or a year-long course (once a week)
Does the curriculum have to be taught in school?
Nope. Consenses can be taught as a weekend workshop, camp elective, corporate retreats, homeschooling, an extracurricular activity or however you see fit.
Can I make modifications to the curriculum?
Sure. Just share it with us so we can see what sort of cool stuff you’re doing. We're also happy to help make suggestions to accommodate your particular needs.