Instruction for solo users (non-group related participants)

Welcome to your solo artistic journey through Consenses

This adventure will allow you to participate in Consenses' process of deep introspection, nuanced listening and will teach you how to translate art form one form into another. This solo journey will undoubtedly enhance your creativity, inspire self-confidence in expressing your point of view and encourage tolerance for other people's perspectives as you interact with fellow Consenses travelers posting and providing insight through each lesson.

While you will not be engaging in Consenses 'Interpretive Chain' making, we know that you will come away feeling inspired and creative. If for any reason you do not, or if think you'd prefer to put together a group to participate in the Consenses Interpretive Chain making process as a collective please contact us at [email protected]

As a solo journeyer, your lessons will follow a slightly different path than the one laid out in the group curriculum.

Please find your syllabus below and download a copy as a map through the course:

Consenses Solo Journey Syllabus.pdf